Thursday, March 02, 2006

idol thoughts

I have become a HUGE fan of the most watched show on American Television. American Idol clobbered the Grammys, the Olympics and "Lost" in the ratings. Even though I have been accused by critics [Rob ;)] of needlessly promoting pop culture, I am at it again.

Tonight was a sad night as the adorable David Radford (shown above) was sent home for having the lowest number of votes. Radford comes from Crystal Lake, Il and goes to the the same high school that I did. It was a sad night but I must say he looked more and more uncomfortable as the shows progressed. I sincerely wish him well but I, as a registered American Idol voter, must be impartial and carry on with my duties.

Remember talent shows at school? Always very entertaining and fun. I want to be ENTERTAINED. I am ENTERTAINED by American Idol. This is why American Idol is a hit. It is entertaining. Grammys- yawn. The Olympics- I wish I would have seen the skating but overall, yawn.

My vote for the winner is the rocking, big and BEAUTIFUL Mandisa. In a red negligee top and black boots, she took my breath away with her performance of "Never" by Heart. Which I plead with you to watch. And, if you like, watch American Idol on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. It is really fun to play judge and call in your votes. Or you can just go on with your life and not do that and be stupid and dumb.

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  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Well, what sets us all three apart, you, Rob, and myself is that we like and dislike things for certain reasons. For you, the show is Entertaining and I gather provides a certain sort of relief for you in your day to day activities. For Rob it gives him a reason to complain about pop culture and reasons why it "sucks" and for me keeps me abreast of whats going on in the other world (courtesy of you of course) But you know me by now, I am entertained by science and I'm proud of it. So be proud damnit, proud of your POPPY ness :-) hehe