Sunday, March 20, 2011

The one who cares the most wins.

They don't make casts like they used to. They used to be snowy white fiberglass, like white drywall. Bright magic marker drawings. Dangerous boys had them. Now they are sporty. Less scary.

Gone too are the days of Blockbuster Video. I used to spend several hours picking out just the right movie. Listening to boyfriends fight with girlfriends over what to rent. Husbands on cellphones listing the new releases to wives at home. Triple digit late fees. Such guilt.

And Borders is closing. Someone should write a book about the culture of Borders. I don't have that kind of time. Such filthy disgusting bathrooms. Magazines from around the world. Strange tattoo porn in broken cellophane.

The Body Shop is on its way out too. And we're not gonna have Oprah to kick around anymore.

Surprisingly this doesn't depress me. I'm all for a pop cultural makeover. It's time to move on. Not for ME to move on. It's time for culture to move on and I'll take whatever it throws at me.