Thursday, April 22, 2004

Ode to 2324

When I met you, I hated you
I wanted to go back and live with my parents
But the die had been cast

That first summer was hot and hard
I would soak a towel and stay in bed
with the fan on and wonder how I ended up with you.

You smelled bad
dog shit
wet cardboard

Somewhere along the line i fell in love with you
despite your ridiculousness

I spent a good winter with you
and was prepared to spend another

But you have to leave me
and I am sad

I will remember you and love you always


Wednesday, April 07, 2004


I think I have, in the last couple years, somehow convinced myself that it was wrong to be creative-- That I should shut up. No one wants to hear it. I decided somewhere along the line that I shouldn't send out mass emails about myself or what I'm thinking that day. I stopped telling everyone everything about my life. I stopped saying hey, we should watch this Bette Midler concert, it's really good. I stopped wearing lipstick and crazy outfits. I stopped being creative because I was worried about what people thought about me.

I became very serious. I think in doing this, I thought I was being an adult. You know what, fuck it.