Monday, February 22, 2016

There is only ONE STAR on The Jeremy Show

How can I make my words electric, magnetic, crazy and sexy and cool? It's not like it was kids.  Too much stuff coming at us all the time. Too much information and pictures and GIFs and videos and memes. Everybody shut the fuck up! Everybody except me!

When I started this blog I was working in the box office of The Chicago Center for Performing Arts. The name makes it sound much more prestigious than it was. It was my first real job after moving to Chicago. I sat in a box office for eight hours a day with literally nothing to do but surf the internet, so I decided to start a blog. Publishing on the web back then was so exciting. It was like I unlocked a special door that pushed me on stage and I could write or say anything I wanted. And people read it! This was before Friendster, Myspace and Facebook. I felt like a star.

We are all stars now. We are all on our own little reality shows on Facebook. Documenting our every move. I don't have to tell you this. We all know about our own love hate relationships with social media. Our attention spans are tiny.  And if you've read this far I am surprised. I'm writing this and I've already checked out.

So much has happened since my days at the box office. I think I was hospitalized for depression twice or once, I can't remember. I've worked as an artificial Christmas tree salesperson, a wallpaper librarian, a recruiter for Redbox customer service agents. I was writing in this blog when the Iraq war started, when the financial collapse occured, when everyone started shooting each other.

So what do I do now? Start a podcast? Start doing porn? Take some improv classes? Start making my own small films? How do I fill the void? Deep down there is a screaming child in a sequin vest and tap shoes that needs to put on a show. He will not be happy until he has an audience.