Sunday, April 10, 2011

So Chico's

What makes her so Chico's?

She's got a no nonsense look out on life. She's got adult children and a lime green jumpsuit with a chunky belt and a graphic scarf!

She's got a dinner date and a black and white maxi dress that makes a statement! She's put her foreclosed home behind her and she's stepping out on a blind date with her gladiator sandals.

She used to be a Virginia Slims girl- fearless in the 80's. Now she's a Chico's girl- soo fearless in the 00's. She's got COPD and a mauve clutch!

She's not afraid of over sized Moroccan style jewelry made in China.. She's got borderline personality disorder but she's keeping it under control with a new therapist and a mild anti psychotic! So. Chico's.

You'll know she's Chico's on the beach with a large brim brown and white sun hat. She's got a passion fruit iced tea and the new paperback Anita Shreve!

Diet Coke makes her jittery, coffee makes her crap her cropped chino's.

She's so Chico's.