Sunday, March 19, 2006

my information doesn't come from television

"My information doesn't come from television. I'm informed by art, books, old films, photography." Madonna, Elle, Feb 2006

Well, mine does. F*#k that shit. The more I watch, the more I love television. My grandfather was a tv critic and I think that lit a fire in me. I recently talked Kara's ear off about something Kelly Ripa said on "Live with Regis and Kelly." She was quoting some study that said that people think that (because they watch television) they have more friends than they actually do. That's fascinating. Then Kara said what I was thinking, "Isaac." Yes! Isaac Mizrahi is my friend. In my head, I wonder what he thinks of an outfit I'm wearing or a movie that I'm watching. Television has always been a great source for friends.

Of course it's a vast wasteland, but the world is a vast wasteland. You have to dig through the shit to find the good stuff. Like Joan Rivers on QVC. That's why I record it. A crazy old woman hawcking jewelry in your room at three in the morning. Beautiful.

I think I love live tv the most. Live with Regis and Kelly, Martha, QVC, American Idol. I'm beginning to love Ryan Seacrest. Used to hate him. Now I love him. Smiley, adorable, workaholic, gay dork. He's the boy who didn't hit his peak in high school. Realizing his potential, he got some blonde highlights in the new millenium and hasn't looked back. What a trooper. (I will say, ad nauseaum, that during the first auditions for American Idol in Chicago I was working in the box office of the theater in which they were taking place. He asked to come into the box office and use the phone. Not knowing who he was, I was probably short with him because I didn't like letting people into my little box anytime because inevitably, they would never leave. But now that my feelings have changed, having fallen in love with him and American Idol- I will say that Ryan Seacrest can come inside my box anytime he wants.)

So, I love him and I love Kelly Ripa too. I'm done with Regis and frankly I think Regis is done with it all too. Burned out and bruised with his "Millionaire" rise and fall. This week, Regis is mysteriously "On Vacation" and I'm fine with that. Pat Sajak and Anderson Cooper guest hosted for Regis and frankly, things went smoother without Regis. Kelly is another trooper. Funny and adorable. Another friend of mine. Anderson Cooper is another one that you just want to put in your pocket. Don't get me started. Don't EVEN get me started.

I watched "Grizzly Man." It was ok. Crazy man in Alaska thinks he's friends with the bears, thinks he is a bear. Gets killed by the bears. Best to watch tv, Anderson Cooper won't be mauling me anytime soon.

Take a look at this sexy clip of the two most metrosexual men in Hollywood virtually making out. A classic.

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