Tuesday, January 04, 2005



My mom bought me a navy blue robe for Christmas. It could be very dangerous for me.

I indicated to her that I wanted one with long sleeves. (I really wanted one like Laverne and Shirley used to wear, I think they were chenille with daisies. I realize she wasn't going to buy her son a women's robe.)

I love the one she bought me, but it is kind of turning into a depression costume. I walk around the house like I am in the last years of my life, in my winter cap and dark blue robe, looking out the window at people on the street. "I remember those times, the laughter, the love, that's all over now." I need to limit how much I wear it.


When I worked at McDonald's the condition of my uniform could predict the way my shift would go. If I had a clean shirt and pants and remembered to bring my nametag and my belt I would be a much more productive manager.


I remember "tight rolling" my pants in junior high. Rolling the pants perfectly, tight and crisp, was absolutely essential to your popularity. Those who could not master this art were to consider themselves targets for ridicule and torment.

And it's with these charming anecdotes that I remind you:

We all have to learn to dress correctly and pay a little bit more attention to appearances. Let me tell you, I have read a lot of brochures at temporary agencies and if there is one thing I've learned-- Appearance is critical to success in the corporate world. A trimmed, steamed, plucked, groomed, concealed, buffed, laundered, expensive smelling you is the only way to make it. Take a little time and look at the people around you. What do the successful people wear? Take some notes and then go out and purchase something like them. You'll never get anywhere looking like that.

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  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I miss the tight-rolls. *sigh* Although they did tend to make your legs look fat, so I guess that's why I've embraced the boot-cut. I think that's what it is, I really miss the DAYS of the tight-roll, not the tight-rolls themselves.