Saturday, July 06, 2013

its all good though

..well I tell you folks it's been a long week for ME. the paula deen scandal and having the first hangover in about three years. that crazy off the hook gay pride parade really took it out of me. sippin on other peoples drinks and handfuls of vodka soaked gummi bears from a lovely lady who's name escapes me and I am off my rocker. a very mild sunburn and lots of naps. lots of overly air conditioned naps. went ahead and bought disney's oz on blu ray. puttin that shit on and takin naps. james franco turns out is very very sexually attractive. smokin my brains out. marlboro special blend 100's. smokin the hell out of that shit. thats some good tobacco man. walkin around andersonville peepin the boys and daddies and their frickin dogs. always walkin their dogs. dont they know real gay men get cats. i don't have to walk my frickin cat. sippin this coffee on the porch and smokin the last of my marbs and lovin the weather. broke as fuck. its all good though. had a bbq on the fourth of july. all my homies watched some big brother. that was off the hook. then the big E had the homies watchin some disney american themed shorts. im like i like disney but its frickin hot in our apartment so i sat outside with the neighbors and some other good peeps and smoked and watched them smoke. real chill. had to work friday so i was like i got to get to bed fucks! i climbed in bed around eleven and turned on that oz movie and snoozed it out. work was ok. real slow. then came home and watched some reality show about an airport that i had set to dvr from work. it was all good. lookin forward to hanging with some work peeps on sunday. today is for some ac naps and smokin more reds. weekends is weird. i get real tweaked in the morning about 5 and then go back to bed at 9 or so and wake up in a crabass mood that lasts the rest of the day. its all good though.

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