Tuesday, June 28, 2005

yes, shame on pride

Oh yes, I agree the gay pride parades all across the land have become too corporate, too big, too exploitive. It's just not the way it was. I remember my first pride 30 years ago. Now that was nice, a better time. Things were much better for the gays then.

Let's go back to a simpler time when there was none of this craziness... corporate sponsorship, Miller Lite necklaces and Red Bull sponsored drag queens. It's tacky, dirty. Tanned muscular men gyrating to dance music (the music itself, so corporate- disgusting!) Frankly, I am embarrassed.

Let's put our shirts back on, throw away our freedom rings. In fact let's let that crazy rascal in the White House know, along with the American Family Association that we, the homosexuals, are also sick of this. Let's clickty clack some angry emails letting them know that we don't need Kraft Foods, or anyone else for that matter, to sponsor us. Of course, this will bring in less money. We can have smaller parades, maybe block parties. Or we can have individual parades, by ourselves, alone, in our houses, with the shades drawn- away from all of the hot dancing boys that make me feel uncomfortable about my body.

Let's make ourselves less visible. Let's get rid of that pesky media! Again, it's supposed to be our parade. Media visibility has never done anything to bring about any kind of change.

You know what, let's just shut down the parade all together. I'm sure ol' W and his buddies would be behind that. Let's shut down the parade, and shut down these tacky neighborhoods with annoying rainbow flags and expensive gay friendly bars and merchants.

Things are really out of control. Let's join the majority of the country and say we want to go back to the way it was.

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