Friday, November 26, 2004


Off the el at Division. Did I go up the right staircase? Yes. I went up the one closest to the exit closest to my house. The house I will probably move out of in May. Shame.

Up with the detachable microfleece hood slash scarf. Hood frames my view of Division. Free to smoke now Jeremy; thank you, i will. Oxygen might be good after that breathtaking two flights of stairs. No thanks to the oxygen. Yes to the Marlboro Medium. Lighter doesn't light. No worry, just needs to get warmed up in my hand.

There are smoking fetishes. Not into it. I'm usually up for a fetish; not one involving encouragement of potentially deadly behavior. I won't be holding a smoking fetish night anytime soon. I won't be inviting smokesuck98 and cameLFilter over to engage in smoke drenched orgies.


  1. I want to live in a house across the street from a fetish factory. I won't invite you. :P

    *put away the web cam before it becomes a lighter*

  2. I'm honored to be listed in the same link's listing as Sandra Bernhard. Btw, according to google it's World AID's Day tomorrow and more importantly to my immediate future December's horoscope is going to be published in 24 hours.

  3. I'm a little worried that you like Tammy Faye but her E! True Hollywood story was interesting and endeared me to her more than I am endeared towards McDonald's Monopoly or Walgreens impulse buys. Bottom of the barrel in an unhappy barrel to start with. Tammy Faye, Tammy Faye, whom is the fairest of them all?

    Anyway, smoking fetishes. I don't smoke anymore. I just suck on Nicorette. It's socially acceptable and 100% addictive. Fantastico!

  4. What sign are you? I have had great relationships with Leos and Libras. Those are the ones that stand out, the other horoscopes I check out besides my own. I am a Capricorn, born on Elvis' birthday.

    Sandra Bernhard and Tammy Faye are muses to me. Ok, more Sandra Bernhard. But Tammy is great because I want to disagree with her, what she did and what she believes but she's just so crazy and funny.

    Ugh! I'm not liking myself today. Gay guy that likes Sandra Bernhard and Tammy Faye, how unusual.