Thursday, October 20, 2005


Taken 10/08/05
I am drinking reheated coffee and I just took a klonipin and cried a little. I was looking through my instant message files with Joey and I thought I'd post a snippet. Hopefully he won't mind. I hope he is not in pain and is happy in whatever Tron-like dream world he's in. I pray for his safe return to our planet because I miss him too much.

joeergh (12:35:51 AM): I had fun hanging out.. and umm. i noticed you were kinda something on the "feelings" scale.. eh.. frustrated or angry or something.. and ehhh.. crap
joeergh (12:36:16 AM): okay, i'll just say, i enjoy hanging out with you and chatting and drinking and smoking and being honest.
carolynapplebee (12:36:29 AM): i do too!
carolynapplebee (12:37:17 AM): im always about the "feelings" i was a mister rogers kid-- none of that crazy sesame street business
joeergh (12:37:34 AM): hmm.
joeergh (12:37:51 AM): i liked the pinball animation on sesamee street, or was it the electric company.

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  1. i HAVE BEEN on klonopin for 12 years and I am trying to stop, It is so difficult, it is making me nuts! Share with me your experience on it.